Concept: Wild flower seed cover paper

What makes our candle so unique?


Well, first you can enjoy your soothing candle which burns evenly thanks to the natural soy and coconut wax and the delicious scent of your choice.... 
When your candle is finished burning, you can easily remove the wax residue with a spoon and give your REGARD'OR® candle jar a new life! 
With your candle you will receive a plantable paper, this flower seed cover is special handmade paper containing the seeds of wild flowers. When the paper is planted in a pot of soil, wildflowers will grow and you can plant your wildflowers all year round indoors by a window that gets lots of sunlight or in your garden, the choice is yours!

How do you plant the flowers cover after your candle has burned out? 

1. When you are done burning your beautiful REGARD'OR® candle follow the instructions below and give your beautiful candle jar a new life.

2. Remove any remaining candle wax from your burned out candle jar (do not use boiling water, this will cause your jar to break and that will be a shame).

3. Soak your flower seed paper in water for 24 hours and fill your pot with soil. Add your flower seed paper and cover with a thin layer of soil so that the wild flower seed paper is completely covered.

4. Place your REGARD'OR® pot in a sunny spot and keep the flower seed paper moist until the first wildflower shoots appear, then water as needed. Note: remember that the seeds and flower sprouts will be delicate, so be careful when watering (we recommend using a spray)!

5. Enjoy the process of being present, nurturing, watching and enjoying your beautiful wildflowers!


You can always use your beautiful REGARD'OR® pot for other creative purposes. 

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